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San Antonio Criminal Law Case Results

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Our Criminal Law Attorney

Gun Charge - Dismissed

Client was charged with Deadly conduct with a firearm. After a hearing on a motion to suppress evidence the Judge found that officers did not have probable cause to arrest the client for deadly conduct and excluded the firearm and statements taken after the illegal arrest. The State dismissed the case for lack of evidence.

Interfering With Public Duties - Dismissed

On the day of trial prosecutors filed dismissal of all charges for insufficient evidence after being provided with case law by defense attorney Larry Bloomquist indicated that conduct of the client was protected free speech under the 1 st Amendment and the penal code provision, and that in order to obtain a conviction they must prove a physical act that interfered with the police officers.

Assault - Not Guilty

Bexar County jury found a local woman "not Guilty" of assault after a 2 day jury trial. Defense Attorney Larry Bloomquist argued that the woman was acting in self-defense when she struck another woman. He also pointed out the poor police investigation as police failed to get witness statements or contact information from any of the several witnesses to the event.

Child Abuse - Dismissed

Client was a worker in a juvenile detention center and was charged with abusing a juvenile in his care by slamming him on the floor while applying a restraint hold. A bench trial was held in front of a Judge. Mr. Bloomquist cross examined the lead investigator pointing out that the investigator failed to interview five eyewitness to the event even though the investigator felt it was important to interview all available witnesses. Mr. Bloomquist went on to attack the investigator's evaluation of the videotape of the incident pointing out that the investigator had no formal training in the restraint techniques and was therefore unqualified to render an opinion on them, the Judge agreed. In his findings the Judge sided with the Defense and found that the State had failed in its burden of proof and that in his opinion no abuse occurred.

Resisting Arrest - Dismissed

Client was awaiting trial on the charge of resisting arrest and after several months he fired his previous attorney and hired our office. Mr. Bloomquist reviewed the case and went to speak with the prosecutor and after pointing out several pieces of evidence, the prosecutor agreed that the client did not resist arrest and dismissed the charge after less than 2 months of work.

Felony Drug Charges - Dismissed

Client was pulled over and arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. Officers claimed to have seen client dropped the cocaine to the ground. A female that was present at the scene had several rocks of cocaine found in her bra, but was not arrested. In preparing the case, Mr. Bloomquist questioned the reason the female was not charged, and could get no satisfactory answer, he also pointed out that the police had no video of the stop and it was reasonable to believe the female had dropped the cocaine. The prosecutors dismissed all charges.

Assault - Dissmissed

Client was arrested and charged with Assault family violence, he was already on probation for Driving while Intoxicated and a motion to revoke his probation had been filed. Prosecutors originally refused to dismiss the Assault charges, Mr. Bloomquist filed a motion for speedy trial, and set the case for trial. On the day of trial prosecutors dismissed the assault charges. In a separate court Mr. Bloomquist got the client back into compliance with his probation, he convinced the prosecutors and probation department to change their recommendations to revoke the client and after a brief hearing the judge agreed to continue the client on probation with no jail time.

Felony Theft - Dismissed

Client was arrested and charged with Felony Theft, prior to indictment Mr. Bloomquist was able to show the District Attorney's handling the case that the search of the client's home that recovered stolen property was illegal. Officers had entered the home without a warrant, and without the consent of the client. The complaint and all charges dismissed.

Felony Drug Possession - Dismissed

Client was a Mexican National and a lawful permanent resident of the United States (Green Card) but not a citizen. He was arrested for felony possession of cocaine and driving while intoxicated. A conviction for felony drug possession would lead to probable deportation, and inability to become a U.S. citizen. Client feared being deported and could not sleep. Mr. Bloomquist negotiated with prosecutors to dismiss the felony drug charge and let the client plead no contest to the DWI, he is on probation and avoided jail time.

Aggravated Assault - Dismissed

Client came in after arrest for 3 counts of Aggravated Assault; client struck 3 people with a shovel as they took property belonging to client. Mr. Bloomquist had several discussions with prosecutors presenting our defense of property argument. The prosecutors agreed and declined to file charges.

Felony Charge - Dismissed

Client was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, for stabbing his two roommates with a fork. Mr. Bloomquist was able to negotiate a dismissal of the felony charges for a plea on a misdemeanor assault. Client received Deferred Adjudication and avoided a final conviction.

Assault Family Violence - Dismissed

Client was arrested and charged with assaulting her husband with a high heel shoe. Mr. Bloomquist explained the evidence supporting self –defense to the prosecutors and set the case for trial. On the day of trial the all charges were dismissed.

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