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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Our San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney


San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney FAQs

When you are charged with a serious crime, it can be an extremely daunting experience.


Our San Antonio criminal defense attorney has received numerous questions from potential clients regarding our services and their rights during this time.


We have provided some of the frequently asked questions and answers below to help you.

Do you offer free case evaluations?

Yes, we do. If you were charged with a serious crime, San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, Larry Bloomquist can help! We will meet with you during a free consultation to help you understand the details of your situation and your options moving forward. Interested in how we can help? Contact us here to schedule your free consultation: 210-227-1199.

Should I speak with law enforcement?
If you were arrested, it is important to know that you have rights. Many law enforcement officers may speak with you in hopes of you incriminating yourself. We encourage you to reach out to a lawyer before answering any questions. This can go a long way in defending your rights and preventing you from providing additional evidence against yourself.

Do I need an attorney if I am just under investigation?
While you don't need an attorney, it is advisable to have legal counsel present. Even if you are being investigated for a crime, law enforcement may be looking for any possible way to arrest and charge you. If they ask you a question and you answer in a way that may incriminate yourself, you can be detained. Having a lawyer on your side can help prevent this.

I was charged with a minor crime. Does it matter?
It doesn't matter how minor a crime is. Any time you face charges, it can leave a lasting effect on your life. Any criminal record can impact your future career opportunities, housing, education, or even loans. It is important to take any charge seriously.

Why does board certification matter?
Board certification means that our attorneys have been evaluated and tested by a Board of trusted Criminal Law specialists on our legal training, experience and knowledge. Less than 2% of Texas Attorneys are Board Certified in Criminal Law. You do not need to take our word on it we passed the test. It is a distinction that matters.

Can I seal my criminal record from potential employers?
Through expunction and non-disclosure orders, you can have some convictions sealed so employers, banks, or other public agencies cannot see them. This can help your ability to gain employment, obtain a loan, or continue your education.

Where can I find your San Antonio criminal defense law firm online?

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