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Criminal Defense Attorney Larry Bloomquist

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

Larry Bloomquist

San Antonio criminal defense attorney


  • Westminster College and University of Utah

  • University of Wyoming College of Law

It has always been about protecting people defending them from the bad things. When I was growing up I always wanted to be an Army Officer and have a chance to defend my country that I love very much. I went to college on an Army scholarship, and became an Army officer. I spent eight exciting years traveling the world and leading soldiers in Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations. I helped to protect South Korea, from invasion. I worked in refugee camps in Cuba so that people could come to America and find freedom. I worked in Croatia and Bosnia after the war there to ensure that there would be peace so that they could rebuild their country.

Then I went to Law school and became an Attorney so I could help people. I became a Prosecutor and for another exiting eight years defended my community from murderers, gangs, and sexual predators. I fought in the court rooms and argued to juries, that those that chose to hurt others be prevented from doing so. I took on a street gang that terrorized my city and sent almost every one of them to prison. I fought to imprison parents that killed their little children. In case after case I sought justice for kids that had been molested and protected them.

Over time I realized that the criminal justice system sometimes caught innocent people and tried to put them in prison for crimes they did not commit or tried to punish the guilty beyond all reason and without compassion. Those people need my protection and help, more so because they face the overall power of the state. So now I defend people charged with crimes. I have argued to a jury to defend a young man who shoot his friend and self-defense and freed him. I convinced prosecutors that a young girl was innocent of cutting her roommate with a knife and freed her as well. I have convinced judges to help people get treatment for their additions rather than send them to prison for possession of drugs.

I defend gun owners and protect their rights to own and carry firearms. I travel the state to protect those that act in self-defense and educate gun owners on their rights and responsibilities.

I know you come here because you or a loved one are in trouble and need help. I am here to do so. I will defend your life.

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