The Loss of Jimmy Parks Jr.

Over the weekend we lost Jimmy Parks Jr. a well-known and respected criminal defense attorney. His loss will be felt by the San Antonio Legal community. I worked on 4 or 5 cases with him while I was a prosecutor; I also had the honor of doing a short guest spot on his radio show a few years ago. He was a really good man. Recently, we had offices in the same building and he was always one to ask you how you were and really care about the answer or share some good advice. Jimmy Parks Jr. was always a gentleman, in the courtroom he could disagree without being disagreeable. He would fight hard for his clients while remaining professional, courteous and in control. This man had a great sense of humor and I believe everyone who knew him recalls at least one funny story or joke that he told them. He had enormous personal charisma and could certainly charm a jury. He earned my respect and I know he will be missed by all.

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"Mr. Bloomquist took the time to explain the entire legal proceedings and answered every question that I had thoroughly which prompted me to hire him immediately. After two and a half years after the false allegation was made and with three different law enforcement agencies pursuing an arrest, I was indicted on a felony crime within Bexar county in June of 2015. During the next 26 months of uncertainty, Mr. Bloomquist aggressively attacked and challenged the state's evidence and even scared off two to the top prosecutors within the district attorneys office on taking this case to a jury trial. After months of hard work and an extensive knowledge of the law, the state dismissed their case against me."


Larry Dean Bloomquist, Attorney At Law

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