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Changes to expunction law may help you clean your criminal records.

In the last legislative session the legislature made many changes to the expunction laws, which will enable thousands of Texans to clean their criminal records. An expunction is the legal process you use to get an arrest (that did not lead to a conviction) erased off of your criminal history. Many people are arrested and then never prosecuted or the charges are later dismissed. These people are eligible for an expunction once the statute of limitations (the time line for the state to file charges) for their offense ran. The problem was that many felony offenses had statute of limitations that may last a decade or sometimes a lifetime. The new law drastically reduces these waiting times making thousands of Texas able to get an expunction based on a prior arrest. The waiting times do vary by level of offense and I would recommend speaking to attorney to see if you are eligible. Many of us provide free consultations.

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