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Boerne Probation Violations Lawyer

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Probation Violations

Having a motion to revoke your probation or a motion to adjudicate your deferred adjudication is a serious issue. Depending on your violations, it could lead to a long-lasting incarceration in the county jail or the state prison.

At Larry Dean Bloomquist, Attorney at Law, our probation violation lawyers evaluate your case and look at everything from new crimes to technical violations. By working with you and focusing on the details of your case, our Boerne probation violation attorney helps develop goals and a plan on how to get there. Your goal may be to have the allegations found not true, or to be given a chance to remain on probation or maybe just to obtain the shortest sentence possible.

Years of experience in the courtroom give us insight into the facts and tactics that judges and probation officials find convincing. The fact is that the court and the probation department want to see you succeed with your probation. It is critical that the facts of your case be presented in the best light so that they can see your desire and ability to be successful on probation and not to commit any more criminal offenses.

What to Do Next?

If you were arrested or contacted by law enforcement, you should:

  • Contact an attorney immediately

  • Continue to report to your probation officer (even if you think you may be arrested).

  • Refuse to answer questions about any new offenses without an attorney present based on your 5th Amendment Right against self-incrimination

  • Continue to work your court ordered services, attend classes, complete community service, pay court and probation fees, and pay for maintain any court ordered monitoring devices

Larry Bloomquist is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This designation means we are experts in the field and have the knowledge, skill, and dedication to defend you when your freedom and rights are at stake.

We handle criminal law cases throughout Central Texas, including, San Antonio, Seguin, New Braunfels, and Boerne, Texas.

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