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Boerne Assault / Aggravated Assault Lawyer

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Assault / Aggravated Assault

Case Result - Assault - Dismissed

Client was arrested and charged with Assault family violence, he was already on probation for Driving while Intoxicated and a motion to revoke his probation had been filed. Prosecutors originally refused to dismiss the Assault charges, Mr. Bloomquist filed a motion for speedy trial, and set the case for trial. On the day of trial prosecutors dissmissed the assault charges. In a seperate court Mr. Bloomquist got the client back into compliance with his probation, he convinced the prosecutors and probation department to change their recomendations to revoke the client and after a brief hearing the judge agreed to continue the client on probation with no jail time.


An assault is any type of intentional, knowing, or reckless physical contact that causes bodily injury (pain). Generally, this is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $4,000 and up to 365 days in the county jail, and / or a probated term of up to 2 years.

Examples of assault can include:

  • Hitting

  • Striking

  • Kicking

  • Punching

  • Choking

Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault can be committed by threatening or causing bodily injury (pain) while using or displaying a deadly weapon. Serious bodily injury causes a substantial risk of death or disfigurement or long-term impairment. Generally, aggravated assault is a second-degree felony punishable by a fine not to exceed $10,000 and up to 20 years confinement in prison.

When charged with a violent crime, the stakes are raised. Prosecutors faced with a community demanding they "get tough on crime" have their backs to the wall. You could be facing serious jail time as well as having a record of a violent crime that will follow you for the rest of your life. Having an experienced and able trial attorney can make all the difference in your outcome.

At Larry Bloomquist, Attorney at Law, our Boerne assault lawyer has the experience you need. Larry Bloomquist is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our criminal defense firm has tried many of these cases. More importantly, we know how the prosecutors make their decisions in preparing these cases. We can use this inside knowledge to exploit the weaknesses in the state's case and help you seek the most favorable result.

Former Prosecutor Experience

There are many unique defenses in these cases, including:

  • Self-defense

  • Defense of another

  • Protection of property


A skilled Boerne assault attorney fully evaluates the unique facts of each case to determine if there is a legal defense that either legally justifies the act or at a minimum can be used to reduce the sentence by giving a full and accurate picture to the jury.

We handle criminal law cases throughout Central Texas, including, San Antonio, Seguin, New Braunfels, and Boerne, Texas.

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