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Defending Capital Murder Charges

Capital murder is the intentional killing of another with an aggravating factor such as the murder of a very young child or a law enforcement officer. It can also be considered capital murder if the killing occurred during the commission of another serious felony such as:

The penalty of conviction is often death or life in prison. No other crime carries such a heavy price; no risk is greater. This is why you must find the most qualified attorney available. At Bloomquist & Compton, Attorneys at Law, our San Antonio murder attorneys defend your life. We have former prosecutor experience that allows us to gain insight on how the opposition thinks and reacts. Larry Bloomquist, one of our founding partners, handled capital murder cases during his time as a prosecutor and knows how these cases are approached. We work to help you obtain the favorable outcome you desire.

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Serious Cases. Serious Representation.

Capital murder cases are serious and unique. There are special laws and rules that regulate these matters. It is not common to find attorneys who have extensive experience with defense in capital murder cases. Our San Antonio murder lawyers have the necessary knowledge and skill necessary to guide you through these matters effectively. Life or death is not the time to gamble on an inexperienced attorney.

You should ask a potential lawyer the following:

  • Have you been involved in a capital murder trial?
  • What work did you do on the case?
  • What special training do you have in these cases?

As we are always working to broaden our experience in this area, we accept these cases statewide. We also welcome the chance to work with other criminal defense attorneys on these cases. You can trust that we always have your best interests in mind from start to finish. In Seguin, New Braunfels, or San Marcos? We can help you too.

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