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Why Hire Our Defense Firm to Represent You?

Credit card abuse is simply using a stolen credit card or a card that you are not authorized to use by the owner to obtain cash or property. Generally, it is a state jail felony punishable by:

  • A fine up to $10,000.00
  • 180 days to 2 years in jail or prison
  • Lifelong record

Generally no there is no early release from state jail facilities. The jail time can be probated for up to five years for a state jail felony offense. At Bloomquist & Compton, Attorneys at Law, our San Antonio credit card abuse lawyers know that there is much more at stake in these types of cases, including your reputation. A conviction for credit card abuse can effectively alter your future chances at employment, housing, higher education, or loans.

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How We Approach Your Case

The facts in every case are different. You need an experienced attorney to evaluate the evidence against you and help you to develop a sound legal strategy. Critical questions need to be asked: How were you identified as the person using the card? Are there photos or video of the transaction? Are they of usable quality? Who are the witnesses against you and are they reliable? You need someone who takes the necessary time to do an independent investigation into the matter and not just take the law enforcement's or prosecution's descriptions as fact.

Once our San Antonio credit card abuse lawyers have completed the investigation, our criminal defense team will personally advise you on possible legal strategies and their chance of success. We can help you choose the strongest course of action designed on your goals and needs. We work hard to help you obtain the most favorable results. We also extend our services to clients in Seguin, New Braunfels, and San Marcos.

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