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You need to take immediate action if you’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Texas. When your future is on the line, an experienced criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between jail time and an acquittal. At Bloomquist & Compton, Attorneys at Law, we have the skills, resources, and tenacity to effectively represent even the most complex criminal defense cases. Our trial-tested Bexar County criminal defense lawyers, Larry Bloomquist and Cathy Compton, are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This means that our lawyers are officially experts in the field of criminal defense. If you’re preparing to stand against Texas’ merciless criminal justice system, turn to our aggressive litigators to help you secure a positive case result that safeguards your quality of life.

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  • Proven Track Record of Defense
  • Won Avvo Clients’ Choice Award in Criminal Defense
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At Bloomquist & Compton, Attorneys at Law, our firm is solely focused on practicing criminal defense. We have a comprehensive understanding of the various state and federal laws that could impact the outcome of your case. We know there isn’t a cookie-cutter solution that suits every criminal defense case. For this reason, we take great pride in constructing individualized case strategies that reflect and achieve our clients’ personal legal goals. From high-profile murder cases to drug crimes, you can trust our firm to guide you through each step of your legal journey.

We proudly represent the following cases:

During your consultation, we can explore your legal options and evaluate the circumstances that led to your arrest. As former prosecutors, we know how to investigate a case and are skilled in both utilizing and challenging evidence.

Dedicated to Your Defense

If you’re ready to fight for your future, contact the Bexar County criminal defense lawyers at Bloomquist & Compton, Attorneys at Law. By listening to your story and investigating your case, we can tailor a litigation strategy that truly meets your personal and legal objectives. We’re passionate about representing the rights of our clients, and we want to help you pursue a charge reduction, case dismissal, or acquittal.

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